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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened



If you’re looking for whiter teeth and a brighter smile, regular brushing alone won’t do the trick. While consistent oral hygiene can keep your teeth from changing color dramatically, it can’t stop tooth discoloration altogether. To lighten the natural color of your teeth by a few shades, you need a tooth whitening procedure. It helps remove surface stains and changes the color of your tooth enamel without removing any bit of the tooth’s surface.

To whiten your teeth, you have two options, either bleach them at the dentist’s office or home. In both cases, you’ll find that peroxide-based bleaching agents are a critical element. At the dentist, the peroxide concentration in the whitening solution is much stronger than the solution sold for at-home usage.

The stronger the whitening solution is, the whiter your results will be. At the same time, the longer the solution is left on the teeth, the whiter they will become. However, dentists usually leave the whitening solution on for a shorter period if it has more peroxide.

Concentrated peroxide can burn your gums or even cause tooth sensitivity if left on the teeth for too long. Your dentist will be able to decide the correct concentration for your teeth based on their condition and your whitening requirements.

Most at-home teeth whitening packages in pharmacies or supermarkets are suitable for a variety of people, but it’s always best to speak to a dental expert before choosing a brand or a specific teeth whitening kit. Your dentist can also create a custom teeth whitening kit for your particular needs.

Like teeth whitening kits, some kinds of toothpaste or chewing gums claim to whiten and brighten teeth, but they are not as effective as professional whitening done by your dentist. To make sure you invest your time and money in the best tooth whitening experience, speak to the dental experts at Georgian Square Dental.

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