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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening By Experienced Dentist in White Rock, BC

A smile is the best thing you can wear! At Georgian Square Dental Clinic in White Rock we offer a range of different options for making your smile a brighter one. Polaoffice+ is clinic whitening treatment that is unique, fast releasing formulation which acts quickly to remove discoloration and stains for your teeth.
The Options for Whitening are as follows:

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Platinum Package

  • Professionally applied whitening products that can be accomplished by the dental team in as little as a 1-hour appointment every week for 3 weeks.

At home and In-office Teeth Whitening Treatment combo Gold Package

  • Professionally applied whitening products in office by the dental team in a 1-hour appointment
  • After the in-office visit, we make custom fit trays to send home with our patients to continue their whitening at home.

At Home Teeth Whitening Treatment Silver Package

  • Having custom fit trays made in our dental office to hold the whitening product for at-home application.

It’s your time to shine. Discover a brighter shade of white today!

Before Whitening Your Teeth: Things You Should Know!

To whiten your teeth, you have two options, either bleach them at the dentist’s office or home. At the dentist, the peroxide concentration in the whitening solution is much stronger than the solution sold for at-home usage.

The stronger the whitening solution is, the whiter your results will be

Concentrated peroxide can burn your gums or even cause tooth sensitivity if left on the teeth for too long. Hence, it is advisable to get the Teeth Whitening treatment done from a dentist.

Most at-home teeth whitening packages in pharmacies or supermarkets are suitable for a variety of people, but it’s always best to speak to a dental expert before choosing a brand or a specific teeth whitening kit.


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