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Dental Implants By Georgian Square Dental



The loss of adult teeth may occur due to several reasons like aging, accidents, unchecked decay, periodontal disease, etc. Whatever the reason is, losing a tooth (or teeth) isn’t very flattering. At the same time, it affects the way you chew, bite into food, and even speak. Fortunately, breakthroughs in dental care have led to the development of several dental replacements like dentures, bridges, and implants.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth with a metal post. The dental implant procedure attaches artificial teeth to anchors that have been surgically embedded into the jaw bone. That way, the implant is secured in place and provides a natural-looking and functional replacement for missing teeth. Embedding these implants into the jaw helps prevent bone loss and gum recession and serves as an excellent alternative to dentures.

Dental implants can benefit anyone who has missing teeth. They easily replace the teeth lost to restore your smile, help you chew food better, and improve your speech. Moreover, dental implants are permanent, whereas dentures are removable. You can treat implants as you would your other natural teeth, which makes them very easy to manage.

However, when it comes to dental implants, note that you need to be a suitable candidate for this procedure—your eligibility for implants depends on the condition of your mouth. At Georgian Square Dental, we can assess if you are suitable for an implant procedure and provide you an estimate during a consultation. We are certified in implantology and make sure to give you all the information you need to understand the procedure, the advantages, and the challenges associated with dental implants. That way, you can determine if it is something you want to go through. If you don’t want to go ahead with dental implants, you still have the option of getting dentures or bridges.

To learn more about dental implants as an option for you, reach out to Georgian Square Dental. We are a dental clinic in White Rock, BC providing you with informative and quality dental care services. We also aim to ensure you a comfortable and worry-free visit by offering you friendly services, explaining each step of the treatment, and using new and high-tech equipment.

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