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Common Mistakes People Make With Their Oral Health


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Good oral hygiene can prevent plaque, tartar, and other oral issues from surfacing and help you keep a clear and beautiful smile. The best way is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss them every day to keep your teeth healthy. However, even though both these oral hygiene routines are relatively easy, you may tend to overlook or be unaware of how to go about these simple dental routines properly. Moreover, ​ignoring oral care, abandoning treatments, and routine dental screenings can lead to critical dental problems and eventually leave you with no choice but to undergo painful and expensive oral surgeries.

To help you be responsible for your oral hygiene and avoid basic dental problems, Georgian Square Dental has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make with their oral health.

1. Letting their annual insurance go unused
It’s time you take advantage of the health benefits, either the one you have paid for or if your employer has paid for it. Don’t ignore and let such valuable dental insurance go to waste. What’s more, regular use of these benefits before they expire can help you prevent serious dental issues along the way.

2. Delaying their check-ups
When you delay your dental check-up, it can lead to oral health issues that may develop over time. Regular check-ups allow your dentist to diagnose any problems before they become major concerns and potentially costly treatments.

3. Ignoring minor toothaches or pains
Minor toothaches and pains often get ignored but can develop into more serious dental issues. What starts off as a small cavity, left ignored, can lead to a root canal one day. A small cavity treated early can maintain the integrity and strength of your tooth and is also cost-effective to fix.

To avoid these and other mistakes with oral care, reach out to the professionals at Georgian Square Dental. We are a full-service dental clinic in White Rock, BC, providing patients with informative and quality dental care services. Our educational dentistry experience ensures patients know what will happen to them through a procedure that puts their minds at rest. After the consultation, they can choose whether to go ahead with the dental practice or not. Our dentists strive for perfection at our dental clinic and work with our patients to help meet each unique dental need.

Our dental clinic is easily accessible to patients from White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Blaine, and the surrounding areas.

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